CO2 DataHub project & ESG ecosystem

CO2 DataHub entity, led by Vastuu Group enables carbon dioxide emissions to be cut more accurately with data.

Get to know the CO2 DataHub project

Currently, in its first phase, the project is funded by Business Finland and the NextGeneration EU framework. 

The project develops

methods to measure, report and lead with reliable CO2 emission data regarding the whole value chain of companies and cities.

The research focuses on the management of all emission scopes (1,2 & 3). Within the construction industry, logistics and real estate energy consumption areas. 

The project builds

ground for operating an ESG ecosystem. During the project, a steering group has been gathered and it consists of professionals from various fields of real estate, construction, logistics etc. 

 The steering group helps to create the vision and steers the growth model and international CO2-data handling principles. 

The project creates 

progressive understanding for the participating organizations on: 

defining their supply chain footprint, managing the CO2 data and identifying parts in their supply chain where environmental impacts can be economically reduced. 

Project will end in June 2023.

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A project by Vastuu Group

The core working group of the project consists of VTT, Aalto, Sitowise ja Platform of Trust.

A major part of the project are the use case-based pilot projects with companies, cities and municipalities. 

Platform of Trust ensures reliable and sustainable data exchange. The platform offers an operating model for freeing up information flows. It harmonizes data which helps to utilize it automatically. 

 One of the project goals is to create and start the work of the future ESG ecosystem. This steering group already exists, and the work has begun. The steering group’s mission is to align and guide joint decision-making. 


Roles in the project

The work in the project is divided into three important parts. Each of them has a special role to play. 

Project core workgroup

Conducts the research, develops the methods to measure and report CO2 emissions and provides leadership-enhancing opportunities using data along the entire value chain of companies and governmental entities.

ESG ecosystem steering group

An essential part of the entity is the multidisciplinary steering group of the ecosystem, which promotes the creation of a vision for the ecosystem and controls the growth model and the national principles for processing CO2 data. 
Chairing the steering group is Anne Kaiser, Sustainability Manager for Saint-Gobain Finland.

Customer use case pilots

Market insights. 
Understanding of CO2 emissions within the supply chain and data management. 
Data product trials. 
Case workshops. 

Customer use case pilots

Valuable information and understanding

Customer pilots play a vital part in the project. Customers’ use cases provide us with valuable market information and enable us to cultivate an understanding of the bigger picture in the field. These pilot projects also study the possibilities for prototyping. 

The core work team from Vastuu Group, VTT, Sitowise and Platform of Trust organize workshops and pilot work in co-operation with our pilot customers. 


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CO2 DataHub vision 2024


“In the year 2024, the CO2 DataHub is an inspiring role model that attracts key players and together leads the construction and real estate industries to improve their carbon footprint and overall sustainability.

Steering group
8th September 2022

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